Accept Bitcoin Payments

Accept Bitcoin on your website or directly from your customers for goods and services. We accept all product types and merchants, including adult and gambling related niches. Accepting Bitcoin payments is easy, safe, and secure for you and your buyers. Our Bitcoin payment gateway offfers you anonymity, low fees, stability, and flexibility.

Bitcoin Payment Processor

Accept Bitcoin payments safely and securely with no volume limits, no ID verification, and no country or product restrictions.

Accept Bitcoin Payments

You could be accepting Bitcoin payments in thirty seconds or less. Accepting Bitcoin on your website or directly from customers has never been easier. Our Bitcoin payent API integrates easily with your website.

Untraceable Payments

FogPay includes a Bitcoin mixer which renders payments from your customers untraceable and completely anonymous, protecting their privacy and yours. FogPay is an ideal Bitcoin payment processor for adult, gambling, and other privacy conscious niches.

Accept Bitcoin - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Accept Bitcoin for any product, service or website, including the adult and gambling niches. FogPay imposes no volume limits, restrictions or verification requirements. Simply create a free account and begin accepting Bitcoin today.

FogPay — Begin Accepting Bitcoin Payments Now

Instant Withdrawals

As a seller, you can withdraw your funds instantly once the buyer sends payment. No waiting for funds to clear.

No Volume Limits

Unlike BitPay or Coinbase, we impose no volume limits, no ID verification, no country restrictions and no product restrictions.

Easy to Use & Flexible

FogPay is extremely easy to use and highly flexible. Our Bitcoin payment API integrates easily with most websites. You can even invoice your customers directly by email if you don't have a website.